Proverbs 20:15-24

There is gold, and an abundance of pearls,
But the lips of knowledge are a vessel of preciousness [the most precious of all].

[The judge tells the creditor], “Take the clothes of one who is surety for a stranger;
And hold him in pledge [when he guarantees a loan] for foreigners.”

Food gained by deceit is sweet to a man,
But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel [just as sin may be sweet at first, but later its consequences bring despair].

Plans are established by counsel;
So make war [only] with wise guidance.

He who goes about as a gossip reveals secrets;
Therefore do not associate with a gossip [who talks freely or flatters].

Whoever curses his father or his mother,
His lamp [of life] will be extinguished in time of darkness.

An inheritance hastily gained [by greedy, unjust means] at the beginning
Will not be blessed in the end.

Do not say, “I will repay evil”;
Wait [expectantly] for the Lord, and He will rescue and save you.

Differing weights are detestable and offensive to the Lord,
And fraudulent scales are not good.

Man’s steps are ordered and ordained by the Lord.
How then can a man [fully] understand his way?

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