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Frequently Asked Questions

The Senior Leadership Team has worked with the Global Leaders to determine an invitation list based on roles and responsibilities.

Attendance is not mandatory as a function of your job.

We are working on this, but virtual option is not yet guaranteed. Further information on this available in the New Year.

Biblica will cover travel, lodging, ground transport, food, passport fees (if needed), visa fees, and COVID testing fees.

After careful thought around this topic, the SLT is happy for your spouse or family to join you before or after the conference dates (Aug 22-26), at your own cost. Your round trip travel is still included but limited to Athens.

Biblica will cover lodging from Sunday night August 21 through a check-out on Friday, August 26 (total of 5 nights). If your trip is extended on either side for personal time, the planning team can assist with booking at our conference hotel, but you cover the cost for the additional nights.  If you choose to see other parts of Greece or Europe, cost and planning is yours to cover, only expensing the allocated flight to/from Athens for the Conference.

The planning team is continuing to keep a watchful eye on restrictions and mandates for Athens for all staff. Costs of mandatory testing before travel and onsite will be covered by Biblica. For more information and a full list of current COVID regulations please visit:

The conference will include plenary sessions to:

  • celebrate God’s provision to Biblica,
  • reflect on what He’s asking us to do in this third century of mission,
  • worship,
  • hear from God’s Word
  • prepare for a full roll-out of the next three-year strategic plan,


It will also provide specific times for:

  • Team/department meetings to plan for the upcoming fiscal year commencing October 1, 2022.
  • Setting up any specific topic meetings among colleagues
  • Enjoying this historic and Biblical city

The planning team will inform all planned guests when to book their own travel and submit the details to the planning team.

For any questions please email reach out to Kim Witman or Beki Kerkman at .

For more information please reach out to Kim Whitman or Beki Kerkman at .