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Taking it to the streets

There’s no video footage of Jesus preaching to the masses, but you can bet His message was filled with passion. And His purpose for entering any city was always crystal clear.

In Mark 1:38, Jesus says to his disciples, “Let us go somewhere else – to the nearby villages – so I can preach there also. That is why I have come” (NIV).

Jesus longed to connect with overlooked, unreached people in a way that cut straight to their hearts to reach them with His love.

That’s why Biblica has partnered with Streetlights, a multimedia Bible production team with a heart to get the Word to the streets.

The goal: to translate parts of the Bible in hip-hop and digital formats to reach youth around the world.

Streetlights has also produced a series of videos to promote the project. Watch this video to feel the passion that goes into these recordings.

Millions of Spanish-speaking urban youth who are influenced and motivated by hip-hop culture have never heard the Gospel.

Are you ready to be a ministry investor who helps them become disciples of Christ through the transforming power of His Word?

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