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YouVersion’s New App Lets You Literally Picture Your Life Through the Lens of God’s Word

We love capturing images of our lives. Now a new app called Bible Lens is making it possible to see those images from a different perspective, transforming snapshots into artistic, shareable images that celebrate God’s Word.

Bible Lens is the latest innovation of YouVersion, a ministry that helps people engage with Scripture online and on their phones. Celebrating their tenth anniversary of impact, YouVersion (by Life.Church) is a ministry partner of Biblica, making the NIV and other Biblica translations available to literally hundreds of millions of people: The YouVersion Bible app is installed on more than 300 million devices worldwide, and their Bible App for Kids installed on nearly 20,000 devices. The Bible App can also be added to Amazon Echo, making God’s Word accessible with a simple voice request.

Now they’ve released Bible Lens. Available for iPhones and Android, Bible Lens lets you take a photo, then uses artificial intelligence to analyze faces and objects in the image. Based on that analysis, Bible Lens suggests a Bible verse and overlays the verse and a design over your photo. Before you save the image, you can choose a different verse, color scheme, or design. Save the image, then share with friends via email, messenger, or Facebook.

Bible Lens Flowers

You can even apply Bible Lens to photos you’ve already taken. Plus, a “Discover” feature creates new Bible art from previously-snapped photos in your gallery and surprises you with the results.

Bible Lens Dog

The default Bible translation used by Bible Lens is the NIV, although you can select other translations in settings.

Consider yourself warned. While Bible Lens provides a thought-provoking and personal way to engage with Scripture, it’s also fun. Addicting, even. (And who says Artificial Intelligence can’t have a sense of humor? After all, it paired a photo of a coffee cup with a verse that begins, “I rise before dawn and cry for help…” Psalm 199:147).

Bible Lens Coffee

Perhaps, more than anything else, Bible Lens is a great reminder. It reminds us that seeing life through the perspective of God’s Word is transformational; it changes everything. And when you share your Bible Lens artwork with other people, you’re reminding them of that powerful truth as well.

To download Bible Lens, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store on your phone and search for “Bible Lens.” Download, create, and share!

You can also download it directly from YouVersion.

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