You’re Telling Many Precious Kids About Jesus

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Children are often the most vulnerable, but also the most open to learning more about the Good News of Jesus. That’s why it’s vital that we take every opportunity God gives us to reach as many of these young people as we can, and give them the necessary tools to understand the Gospel. Together, we can help them become deeply rooted in the Word, and we can also spread the Good News to others.

When you give to Biblica, you help translate and distribute God’s Word into languages as diverse as Arabic, French, Hindi, Spanish, Ukrainian, Tagalog (Philippines) – and many more – to reach millions of children in:

• Uganda

• Kenya

• Nigeria

• South Africa

• Europe

• Nicaragua

• Philippines

• Northern Africa

• Thailand

• Myanmar

• India

• Bangladesh

• Ukraine

• Middle East

• South Asia

Thank you for helping to reach millions of children all around the world, as you give and pray to support our Bibles to Children campaign!

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