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‘What you are doing with the Bible is really powerful!’

When Khalid* was just 5 years old, his family was, in his words, “totally broken.”

Khalid grew up in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic located in Central Asia. More than 80% of the population is Muslim.

He was living on the streets with his brother, as well as his mother who was sick with cancer. His father was a drug addict and alcoholic who refused to care for them.

It was a hopeless situation – or so it seemed to him at the time. They were physically, emotionally, and spiritually miserable. But even in situations where there is no hope, God breaks through to restore lives through His living Word.

This is why your support makes such a powerful difference. You’re helping bring God’s Word to families like Khalid’s across the world—families at the point of despair.

“One day, my father was walking in the street and entered a public toilet,” Khalid explains. “At that time, Muslim people were using the Bible like toilet paper. In that place, he was trying to use this paper, and he saw a message – a verse from the New Testament. It talked about the Kingdom of God coming.

“This was a New Testament. After that, he felt like he needed to know [more]. He found some believers and asked for [the whole] Bible. And after reading it, he said, ‘Jesus, I read all of this Book, and in all the Book I can see Your power, and I really want You to act in my life.’ And Jesus really acted! He took my father and totally changed his life.”

This is our vision for the coming Summer Surge that will help put Bibles into the hands of people across Africa, Asia, and the Muslim world over the next three months. With the help of friends like you, 36 million people like Khalid’s father will have the opportunity to read about Jesus – many for the first time!

And the effect is life-changing. As Khalid says,

“Today, my family, we are renewed. My father is a pastor, my mother was cured of cancer, and my family have become missionaries, planting churches in the south part of Kyrgyzstan. I am working on planting a church too – I am a coordinator of the kids and youth at church, and working with campus ministry too.

“I just want to say [that] what you are doing with the Bible is really powerful. I feel it in my life. It can change lives. Thank you for your ministry.”

So thank you for your partnership – especially at this incredibly exciting time as the Summer Surge takes off. Please pray with us that thousands of families like Khalid’s will be open to God’s Word – and see their lives forever changed.

*All names in this newsletter have been changed for security reasons.

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