The United States military knows Christ is with them in combat—thanks to you!

When you give to Biblica, you don’t just help send Bibles overseas. You also help us create special versions of God’s Word for military members and their families. In fact, with your help this year, we’ll distribute 40,000 to 50,000 copies of The Greatest Warrior New Testament to United States military men and women. This pocket-sized NIV New Testament includes Psalms and Proverbs, plus military testimonies to point readers to Jesus—the greatest warrior who ever lived. Mark Nikont, a U.S. chaplain stationed in the Middle East, tells how one soldier found Christ through the Scriptures you helped to provide:

“SPC Johnson was a quiet soldier who’d grown up in a Christian family, but he had never accepted Christ for himself. As we boarded the plane that would take us to Iraq for his first deployment, he asked me for a Bible. I gladly gave him one, hoping to hear more from him later. His unit went on patrols in the city of Mosul… in some of the roughest and most dangerous areas of the city. I could see that God was doing something in his life—he just had that look in his eyes of slowly discovering the truth of Christ’s love for him.

“After a few months… he told me he’d accepted Christ into his life between recent patrols, and he wanted to ‘seal the deal.’ A week later, we welcomed him into fellowship through baptism. I gave him a new Bible and asked him to pass the other one on to a friend.

“I give all the glory to Jesus Christ for [this man’s] salvation and to the power of the Holy Spirit drawing him close enough, through the written Word of God, to make that step to eternal life.”

Thank you for helping to impact many soldiers like SPC Johnson through your gifts and prayers!

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