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This Ministry is Bringing Healthcare and God’s Word to Africa

When Peter Cameron Scott had the idea of taking the gospel into the interior of “the dark continent,” people thought he was crazy. Churches had been established along the coastline but back in the late 1800s, no one was interested in going into the great unknown of the African jungle.

In his book, Garden of Miracles, Kenneth Richardson chronicles Scott’s courageous journey inland, the first step in founding what would eventually become Africa Inland Mission. One harrowing tale described how Scott and his party – his sister and six friends because he could convince no one else to accompany him – were met by a hostile tribe. In fear for their lives, Scott resorted to performing juggling tricks to entertain the natives. Amazingly, his juggling fascinated them, aroused their curiosity, and he eventually gained their trust!

After Scott’s death from blackwater fever just a year later, a headquarters for future missions work was established in Kijabe, Kenya, a small town northwest of Nairobi on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Kijabe is Maasai for “place of the wind.” This proved to be prophetic as, over the course of the next century, Africa Inland Mission would not only grow to reach the interior of the continent, but would establish the Rift Valley Academy (a school for missionary children) and the Africa Inland Church (AIC) Kijabe Hospital. Kijabe truly became a place from which the wind of God’s Spirit blew to bless Africa.

The hospital was established in 1915 as an outpatient facility on the grounds of the academy. It is now one of the busiest medical centers in East Africa and is one of forty-five dispensaries scattered throughout Kenya that form a network providing health care, provision, and spiritual ministry.

Biblica recently began partnering with Kijabe Hospital to provide copies of The Treasure Hunt Bible for children undergoing cancer treatment. The Treasure Hunt Bible is a fun-filled, special edition of the New Testament that communicates God’s Word in a way that engages hearts, souls, and minds. With nine different “hunts” to choose from, children embark on an adventure to discover the treasures God has waiting for them in Scripture.

Miriam, a 13-year-old battling cancer, was undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy when she was given a Treasure Hunt Bible. The gift put a smile on her face and will, undoubtedly, make a lasting impact on her life.

A four-year-old named Sylvia has been dealing with pain since birth. She and her parents were given a Treasure Hunt Bible. It came when Sylvia was undergoing cancer treatment, struggling to survive.

The motto of Kijabe Hospital is “healthcare to God’s glory.” Biblica is honored to be partnering with the hospital to help provide that care, offering the hope and love found in God’s Word.


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