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There’s a Game Even Bigger Than Sports. It’s Called Life.

Sports has been called the universal language. It can bridge not only language barriers, but barriers of geography, ethnicity and culture. Even people who can’t understand each other can connect via sports.

But athletic competition can be much more than just a common experience or activity. Sports can become a very powerful vehicle for sharing the gospel.

That’s what Biblica Europe had in mind when they developed The Game of Life – a special, athletically-focused, Scripture resource. And it was so effective that Biblica South Asia adapted it for football players and fans in India.

The version of The Game of Life being used in South Asia contains the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, along with testimonies and interviews from a variety of big league Indian football players. In partnership with other ministries, it is being made available at sporting events in English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Malayalam.

“Sports is a doorway to reach otherwise hard to reach individuals and communities,” explains Lindley Marquis, Partnership Manager for Biblica South Asia. “It’s a vehicle that can develop trust, friendships, and an incredible platform for discipleship.”

Sports Coalition India (a network of 80 ministries) is just one of many organizations making The Game of Life available to children and youth throughout India. They recently provided the resource to more than 100 young people who were enrolled in a football tournament.

“We shared the love of Christ with all the players in the tournament,” reports a Sports Coalition staff member. “We were finally able to distribute The Game of Life to everyone. Thank you, Biblica!”

“This book had a very strong impact on me and I know it will change you too,” says one young footballer. “[One testimony in The Game of Life] speaks of how life without God is like football without goalposts. That spoke to me.”

About 20,000 copies of this popular resource have already been distributed and another 80,000 are expected to arrive in India soon.

“We as Biblica want to be where God is already working,” explains Lindley.

It’s clear that God is using sports to spread the message of salvation in His Son. Young people are responding and lives are being transformed.

Will you join us in reaching the youth of India through this innovative outreach? Your financial partnership will provide The Game of Life to more people so that more lives can be changed for eternity.

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