Mina and his friends wanted to reach the people in their community with the Good News of Christ—something that isn’t always easy or safe to do in Egypt.

They took copies of Biblica’s Luke Explained resource in Arabic and rode on local buses, using the books as a way to engage people in conversation. Luke Explained contains the Gospel of Luke with notes that answer common questions many educated Muslims have about the Bible.

Mina had never done anything like this before. He was too nervous to speak to anyone, but left his copy of Luke Explained on a seat, trusting God to use it.

A few months later, Mina went to a new converts meeting at his church because he loves to hear people tell about how they found Christ. A man named Ahmed got up to speak.

Ahmed explained that on his way home from work one day, he noticed a book on the bus seat near him. He picked it up out of curiosity and began to read. Ahmed quickly saw it was a Christian book, but it spoke to him so much that he took it home. He began to read it in secret and believe what it said about Christ. He did not dare to let anyone in his family see it, because they were zealous Muslims.

One day, Ahmed left the house after forgetting to hide the book. Remembering, he hurried home to put it into his desk drawer … but it was gone.

Ahmed was afraid. He thought about asking his family what happened to the book but was too worried about what they might say or do.

A few days later, the book reappeared on his desk, and nothing was said. Hopeful now, Ahmed began to leave the book out in the open. Many times it disappeared and reappeared, yet still no one said a word.

This gave Ahmed the courage to speak to his family about the book, and they began discussing it together. Eventually, the whole family came to faith in Christ thanks to a book left on the seat of a bus.

Listening to the story, Mina realized that Ahmed’s copy of Luke Explained had to be the one he had left on the seat when he was too shy to speak. That day, God showed Mina in a mighty way that He could use even Mina’s silence to build His Kingdom, as long as Mina was faithful.

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” —Isaiah 55:11, NIV