Can I Have the Bible That Speaks My Language?

India is a land of opportunities! Every day there are many occasions to witness for our Lord. At Biblica South Asia, we are committed to sharing the love of Jesus – one life at a time. While we are busy helping our partners use Scriptures for effective outreach, we do not want to miss opportunities to share the gospel as relationally as we can. Let me share with you an exciting story that illustrates this.

We met Sunita about a year ago. She had been attacked by a stray dog and managed to escape through our gate – which we had forgotten to lock on that particular day. By God’s divine appointment, I came home to pick something up and found this Nepali lady, physically wounded and in tears, cowering in our compound. When I realized her condition, I called my wife and we took her to a nearby doctor. Because she had no money, we paid for her expenses.

What followed was a relationship with Sunita and her husband, Ganesh. When we visited them in their home, we were saddened to see their living conditions. We were overwhelmed and wanted to help them. By God’s grace, we were able to find a job for Sunita.

On one of our visits, we gave Sunita a Nepali Audio Bible. She received it gladly and promised to listen to it regularly.

Before long, we got to know Sunita’s extended family – her daughter, Sharda, her son-in-law, Bahadur, and their three small children. Bahadur was working as a caretaker of cows on a small farm. They lived in a very simple house with limited facilities. They asked us if Sharda could work at our house and we agreed, hoping this would help them with their financial needs.

Not long after this, Bahadur was stomped by a cow. He was severely injured and wasn’t able to attend to his duties. As a result, he lost his job and they lost their house. When they shared this news, we helped them again. Bahadur now comes to our neighborhood early every morning and washes a few cars to make his living. He also washes our car every day. We decided to pay him his regular rate and also decided to help their three lovely kids so they can go to school.

A couple of weeks ago, Bahadur came running to me and said, “Bhaiya (older brother), can I have the Bible that speaks my language, like the one you gave my mother-in-law?” I assured him I would give him one. He went on to tell me how he had seen changes in his family since his mother-in-law had received the audio Bible. He also said their working relationship with us caused them to feel respected and loved.

I am overjoyed to announce that Sunita and her daughter have both accepted Christ as their Savior and been baptized! And Bahadur has requested a Bible!

We are praying that soon Bahadur and his father-in-law, Ganesh will surrender to Jesus Christ.

As we enjoy this special season, it is important that we pray for the millions of people who are oral learners. There are those who are illiterate and cannot read the Bible. Then there are those who learn better by hearing. They are what we call oral learners. Approximately 70% of the people in South Asia fit into this category.

One way we at Biblica South Asia are meeting this tremendous need is by putting the Bible into an audio format. By July 2017, we will have the New Testament recorded in four major languages – languages spoken and understood by nearly 850 million people in India. Once we’re finished recording these four languages, we will add four more to the audio project.

Imagine what an audio Bible will do for the millions of individuals who are waiting to hear God speak their heart language!

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