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The Justice Series: Jesus, Justice, and Restoration

Our journey through the pages of Scripture exploring its teaching on justice has shown that justice is far more than a retributive posture towards the wrongdoer, but actually envisions a positive vision for all of creation.

The Justice Series: The Story of Israel

Creation, by God’s very pronouncement, is “very good” at its inception (Gen 1:31). Last week we explored the goodness of creation and this goodness, completeness, as providing a launching point for the biblical narrative from the perspective of justice.

The Justice Series: Justice and Shalom

What is “justice?” As we set out over the next several weeks to explore what the Bible teaches about “justice,” we first need to back up and make sure we know what we are striving towards. As we begin to ponder what the Bible teaches about this rather nebulous idea, we must first make sure we have the right concept of what the Bible actually is.

What Does God’s Word Have to Say About Justice?

“The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.” —Psalm 33:5 Those of us who live in the ‘west’, or the so-called ‘developed world’ (how ridiculous is that?!), have for too long looked with a mixture of perhaps arrogance and confusion at what goes on