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Dear Friend, 

Imagine you had a book that said “Bible” on the front but, when you opened it, all of the pages were blank. 

That’s what we mean when we talk about Bible poverty: when people can’t encounter God through His Word because it’s not available in their language or they can’t get it in any format, whether print, digital, audio, or other media.  

We need to remember how terrible it is that they can’t find help when they need it most or receive the hope of the Gospel. We need to let that motivate us to eradicate Bible poverty by translating God’s Word and delivering it even to the most difficult places in formats that speak to people’s hearts. 

I hope you read Mike’s story in this newsletter. Bible poverty is very real in Iran. And, in fact, false Bibles that paint Jesus as a prophet foretelling the coming of a future Messianic figure called the Mahdi are being distributed. The only way to defuse these lies is to put the true Word of God into as many hands as possible.  

God is working through you to create new, accurate, contemporary Bible translations so that people everywhere can hear God speak in the language they dream in. You’re also sending Bibles and Scripture resources to partner ministries like Mike’s, because God’s purposes are too big and too important for any one of us to do alone. 

Thank you for your continued friendship, and please pray with us for God’s Word to be unleashed in Iran and everywhere that Bible poverty exists! 

Geof Morin 

President/CEO, Biblica 

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