Q&A with Biblica’s New CEO

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We’re delighted to welcome Geof Morin to the Biblica team! He comes with great experience and passion to champion the spread and engagement of God’s Word. We asked Geof a few questions to help you get to know him…

Geof, what drew you to serve at Biblica?

I can’t think of a more strategic mission for serving people in the world today. It’s heartbreaking to think of anyone, anywhere, not having access to the Gospel. So it’s a privilege to unite with you in the single-minded purpose to stand in this gap—and provide God’s Word to millions of people across the globe.

How do you hope to lead Biblica into the future?

I believe the best way to honor Biblica’s long legacy of faithfulness—with nearly 210 years of ministry so far—is to create a vital and sustainable future. This begins with listening carefully to our global teams and to our prayer, financial, and ministry partners. Together, we’ll shape the next chapter to bring God’s Word to a waiting world. 

What would you like to say to Biblica’s financial partners?

In partnership with you, Biblica has the most important mission in the world: to reach people with the hope of the Bible. Together, we can overcome the barriers that keep people from God’s Word—whether it’s language, geography, or the struggles of life—and equip the global Church to advance the Gospel. Our broken world needs you and a strong Biblica! Thank you for all you’ve done to help make this ministry what it is today… and I look forward to serving alongside you in the future!


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