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Chinese tourists are “wowed” by God’s love – thanks to you!

Thailand is a popular vacation spot for many Chinese people who are surprised to see your Biblica team openly distributing Bibles on the streets – something not allowed in China. One team member shares:

“Tonight we met Celiste from mainland China…. Recently [she] was able to watch ‘The Bible’ series online [and] cried at what she was seeing. Celiste told us she was a Buddhist; but when she watched the TV series, she knew that this was The True God. You can imagine her amazement when on vacation in Thailand, she saw us distributing Bibles in Chinese for free, and she was able to receive the book that the TV series was about. She saw the One True Living God at work in her life tonight, and all she could say as she walked away was, ‘Wow. Just wow.’”

Thank you for helping provide these Bibles, so Chinese tourists can encounter God’s love and truth in Thailand!


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