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A Word from Geof

Dear Friend,

As I step into this new role as the president and CEO of Biblica, the first thing I want to say to you is thank you.

Your personal investments and prayers have helped advance the Kingdom of God through the ministry of Biblica—and millions of lives have been transformed as a result.

So I’m extremely honored to serve alongside you in this vital ministry.

It’s exciting to see how God has worked through generous friends like you over the years, to create 83 Bible translations including the NIV… provide free Bibles to refugees, soldiers, hospitals, and prisoners… and use new technology to make His Word accessible through Braille, audio, and digital editions.

As you know, more and more people worldwide are seeking a copy of God’s Word in a language they understand… and they’re turning to Biblica for help.

When you consider what’s happening in places like Nigeria, you realize how essential it is for people to have access to God’s Word in a language they can understand. Engaging with the Scriptures helps people realize their need for a Savior, so they can fully embrace God’s forgiveness and find strength in His unfailing love.

Together, we can open God’s Word for a waiting world and distribute each new translation in print, digital, and audio forms, so more lives can be transformed.

But this truly is a team effort… and your role is essential.

So thank you for your gifts and prayers to continue vital projects and pioneer new ways for people to access and experience the Bible.

You’re a real champion of God’s Word… and I’m looking forward to stepping into new ministry opportunities with you as the Lord makes all things possible.


Geof Morin

President/Chief Executive Officer

Biblica – The International Bible Society


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