Scripture for Heroes

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“My head is all messed up!” screamed “Jim,”* a wounded soldier at a level-three trauma hospital in Iraq. His body was bruised, heart wounded, and spirit crushed after an encounter with an improvised explosive device (IED), also known as a roadside bomb.

“When the painkillers wear off, I remember,” Jim said, battling severe injuries and his nightmares. A U.S. Air Force senior chaplain sat with the soldier as he shared that after the IED exploded, he was thrown from the Humvee. When he looked back, he saw his buddy trapped in the vehicle, and watched helplessly as he burned alive.

“The chaplaincy is a visible reminder of the holy. We bring God into the room. He’s already there, but we are a visible reminder that God is present,” the chaplain said. He prayed with Jim, but could not stay long. At times like this, the chaplain said, he must trust that God is with soldiers and will stand beside them.

While military chaplains’ responsibility is to represent and respect all faiths, this chaplain was grateful for Biblica’s Scripture resources made available to military men and women. “I have flown 130 sorties across Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said. “I have yet to be in a single place that did not have your Bibles.”

Quiet faith

Recently, a quiet soldier asked an Army chaplain for a Bible as they were boarding a plane for the young man’s first deployment, headed to a very dangerous area of combat. This chaplain trusted God with his troops: “I could see that God was doing something in his life,” he said.

After a few months passed, the soldier told the chaplain he had invited Christ into his life, and he asked to be baptized. “I give all the glory to Jesus Christ for his salvation, and the power of the Holy Spirit drawing him close, through the written Word of God, to make that step to eternal life,” said the chaplain.

Faith in Christ is the most important gear our military men and women can take into battle. Biblica has provided Scripture to U.S. troops since the War of 1812. The Biblica camouflage NIV Bible is a favorite among military forces.Since military operations began in Afghanistan in 2002, Biblica has provided more than 1 million camouflage NIV Bibles in English and Spanish to all branches of the U.S. military.

Biblica’s military ministry is conducted in partnership with the U.S. Military Chaplaincy. In 2010, your gifts enabled Biblica to provide about 100,000 Scripture materials to men and women in uniform and their families. In 2011 we will produce a new biblical resource for soldiers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Thank you for your generous support of Biblica’s ministry to the military.