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Providing God’s Word Worldwide

Did you know you serve as Christ’s ambassador of Christ to people around the world through your partnership with Biblica?

Do you feel ordinary?

Did you know you serve as Christ’s ambassador of Christ to people around the world through your partnership with Biblica?

Since 1809, Biblica has provided Bibles to sailors, soldiers, pioneers, housewives, teachers, missionaries, pastors, and many others who served as ambassadors of the gospel—ordinary people sharing an extraordinary God with people in their sphere of influence. This is the heart of Scripture Outreach. Whether it’s a Sunday school teacher purchasing children’s Bibles for her class or a brave believer finding ways to get Scripture past enemies of the gospel, Christians serve as God’s emissaries when they take the Bible and the gospel message to people who lack the good news of God’s love and offer of salvation.

You are one of these ambassadors’ through your prayers and gifts for Scripture Outreach. Together, we are providing God’s Word through creative channels and in as many formats as possible, so that no barriers—cultural, political, religious, economic, or physical—stand in the way of individuals receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In Macau and other parts of East Asia, ordinary ambassadors of the gospel bring free Bibles to tourist sites so they can give them to Asian tourists. Many of these tourists live in countries that restrict or completely forbid a Christian witness. But when on vacation in other countries, they experience more freedom and opportunities to hear and receive God’s Word.

Recently, an Asian businessman got out of a taxi at a tourist site and looked at our Bible display. When he realized what we had, he came over to look and was very interested in receiving a Bible. The volunteer very patiently shared the gospel with him. The businessman said his mother had been a Christian but he never believed. After talking with the volunteer, the man bowed his head on the busy street corner and prayed to receive Christ. The volunteer shook his hand, congratulated him, and gave him more information.

The businessman turned the corner to leave, and then turned back around to face the volunteer, who pointed to his chest, and said, “Now, Jesus is in my heart, too.”

Through your prayers and support and our partnerships with local churches and global ministries, we are reaching millions of people with the gospel message and Scripture resources, just as we have for 202 years.

Through Scripture Outreach, we are placing Bibles in more than 100 languages in print, audio, and online to make the gospel accessible for people anywhere, in any life circumstance.

Right now millions of people are hungry for the transformational message of Scripture; yet more than two-thirds of the world has never encountered Jesus Christ.

Thank you for serving as an ambassador.

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