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Your Support at Work: Prisoners Find Freedom Because of Friends Like You

In Matthew 25:40, we’re told to care for “the least of these.” What better fulfillment of this command than to reach out to inmates – those suffering under the weight of guilt, shame, isolation, and condemnation.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Biblica partnered with Prison Fellowship to develop Free on the Inside, a Bible filled with testimonials and resources especially for prisoners. More than 2.8 million copies have been given to inmates. And through it, God’s love is transforming lives around the world, including that of Eriberto, an inmate in the Philippines. He recently shared…

Thank you for the copies of the Bible. The message of hope shared inside the jail had a tremendous effect on me. For a moment, I forgot all my problems and felt the feeling of importance, the sense of belonging that society often deprived us. God bless your ministry.

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