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The Bibles you provide will introduce Muslims to Jesus!

Get an inside scoop on the Muslim world through this Q&A with one of Biblica’s area directors who works in predominantly Muslim world countries. We can’t disclose his name for security reasons, but he shares how vital your support is for Operation Access—as together we seize this urgent opportunity to deliver more Bibles across the Muslim world…

How dangerous is it to be a Christian in a strict Islamic country?

In the most repressive places, most converts keep their faith secret. If you’re discovered, you can be imprisoned or killed. In so many places there is no freedom at all. You can’t own or distribute Bibles because you’ll go to jail!

If the risks are so high, why are so many Muslims so receptive to the Gospel?

There’s been a lot of trouble in many Islamic nations, and many people have started to doubt. Their foundations are knocked down. This is an open door that God is using right now—because so many Muslims find no hope or peace in their beliefs.

How are Muslims coming to know Christ?

The Holy Spirit is the only person who can change hearts and minds. Jesus is therefore appearing to people in dreams and visions as “the man in white.” This is when Biblica’s work comes in—by sharing God’s Word, we help people understand who Jesus is and come to faith in Him!

Why is Operation Access so vital?

We want to deliver Bibles to 1,815,500 people in 25 Islamic countries. New doors have opened that allow us opportunities to distribute God’s Word—but we don’t know how long this will last. We’re preparing to send shipments to certain places that we weren’t able to ship to last month. These Bibles are vital to introduce Muslims to Jesus!


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