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Operation Access: Your chance to change lives like Nasibo’s with God’s Word!

Meet Nasibo. Born in rural Kenya, she’s been raised like millions of other Muslim children: drilled daily in Islamic beliefs and prayers.

But despite her years of devotion, Nasibo had never known true hope or peace.

All that changed when a friend like you gave Nasibo a Bible.

“One day I received a Bible from Biblica, and I started to read it,” Nasibo smiles.

“Each time I read it, I felt something stir inside me. I felt like this over and over until I surrendered my life to Christ. Now I am experiencing true freedom!”

Nasibo didn’t have the opportunity to attend a large crusade or hear a compelling preacher. She simply opened God’s living and active Word… and its power was unleashed!

This is the vision that’s driving Operation Access—a new two-month campaign to deliver printed Bibles and Scripture resources to 1,815,500 people like her across Islamic nations.

Because the Bible has the power to change hearts, bringing the light and freedom of Christ to those in darkness. And the Bible has the power to strengthen Muslim converts who face intense opposition when they choose to follow Jesus. 

Like Nasibo, many new believers find that turning to Christ comes at a high price.

“I had to flee home because the entire family was fiercely opposed to my conversion,” she shares. “Recently, my uncle reported my case to the Muslim Council, who said they will fast and pray so I have to convert back to Islam. I told him to continue praying and that I will continue to pray—and then at the end we will see whose God will answer. I said this because I believe my God is the true God and He is all powerful.”

Your prayers are vital for people like Nasibo and her family as Operation Access gears up! It’ll take a generous outpouring of support so 1,815,500 people can have the chance to encounter Jesus through His Word, just as Nasibo did. And with a $50,000 Matching Grant, every dollar sent in will be DOUBLED, providing twice as many copies of God’s Word for those who might never receive it otherwise. 

So thank you for partnering in this as God makes all things possible!


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