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Operation Access: 2 months. 25 countries.

The Muslim world is a vast mission field. The total number of Muslims worldwide is 1.8 billion. That’s 1 out of every 4 people on the planet.

And the numbers are growing rapidly. By the end of this century, it’s predicted that the number of Muslims will exceed the number of Christians.

Together, we must do all we can to step up our efforts to distribute Bibles to more people in the most restricted nations across the Muslim world—so they can be transformed by Jesus Christ.

Operation Access is your chance to make a difference—with the goal of delivering Bibles to 1,815,500 people in Islamic nations. And with a $50,000 Matching Grant, every dollar sent in will be DOUBLED, providing twice as many copies of God’s Word for those who might never receive it otherwise. 

Please use the map above to fuel your prayers for this vital campaign!

Total Muslims worldwide: 1.8 billion

Muslim population per region:

  • Asia Pacific: 986,420,000
  • Middle East and North Africa: 370,070,000
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 248,420,000
  • Europe: 43,470,000

Your partnership makes a powerful impact: 

  • You’re helping to actively reach people for Christ in 25 countries across the Muslim world as you partner with Biblica.
  • Thanks to friends like you, there were more than 125 million requests for God’s Word in the Muslim world through digital platforms last year.
  • Since this time last year, more than 265,000 people in Islamic nations now have a printed copy of God’s Word in their hands. Thank you for helping make that possible!


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