‘The next time my mama came into jail to see her boy, she didn’t recognize me’

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With over 2 million people behind bars in the United States, the need for getting Scripture to prison inmates is at an all-time high. That’s why we’ve partnered with Prison Fellowship to create an easy-to-read Bible called Free on the Inside that speaks specifically to prison inmates.

Since 1815, Biblica has been taking the hope of God’s Word into prisons here in the United States. And through your continued support, we’ll be able to provide Free on the Inside Bibles so more prisoners can find freedom and forgiveness in Christ.

These are inmates like Jesse* who got a hold of a Bible from Biblica because someone like you cared. He recently shared…

“From the age of 10, I was brutally and sexually abused by my own brother. It changed my life in a drastic way. My childhood secret, drug use, and violent lifestyle led me to a very distorted view of love. At 43, I ended up in prison for killing someone.

“But in a jail cell eight years ago, I picked up a Bible; and Jesus spoke to my heart. He asked me if I was tired of running from my pain and my childhood. As I read the Scriptures, in Romans it told me that God demonstrated His love for me in that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. The Spirit of God convicted me that I was a sinner in need of a Savior, Jesus His Son! As the Holy Spirit brought my every sin to my remembrance, I repented and confessed my sins one by one.

I told my sweet mama I’d met Jesus and He had come into my heart and saved me.

“The next time my mama came into jail to see her boy, she didn’t recognize me. I said, ‘It’s me, Mama.’ We stood there and let our hands touch through that thick glass, and we couldn’t do anything but cry there together. I told my sweet mama I’d met Jesus and He had come into my heart and saved me. She said, ‘I knew you had—I could see Him in your eyes!’

“In the last eight years, I’ve grown in the grace and knowledge of God’s Word. He’s called me
to preach the Gospel, to witness to the lost inside and outside of this prison. A raging, roaring river of Living Water gushes forth from my innermost being. Praise God!”

Imagine how many inmates like Jesse will be forever changed this year when they encounter the living God through His Word!
So thank you for your continued gifts, which do so much—like put free copies of the Bible into the hands of those whom the world has forgotten. We’re grateful!

*All names in this newsletter have been changed for security reasons.


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