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New Chinese Bible Translation Transforming Lives!

Thanks to friends like you, Biblica has played a major role over the past five years in getting an updated translation of the Bible into the hands of Chinese Christians. This means that millions of people around the world now have access to a contemporary, easy-to-understand translation of God’s Word – many for the first time in their lives!

Until 2010, most Chinese Christians used the equivalent of the King James Version, called the Chinese Union Version (CUV), which has been in circulation since the early 1900s. The Chinese Church has experienced significant growth in recent years; but without a contemporary, easy-to-read translation of the Bible, many found it difficult to grow in their Christian walk because of their lack of understanding the Bible.

To address this urgent need, Biblica released the Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) in book, audio, app, and online form a few years ago; and it’s already making an incredible impact! We’ve heard countless stories of lives being transformed as a result of this new resource – one that was obviously so desperately needed!

We know it’s the power of God’s Spirit working through His Word that transforms hearts and lives. But He uses your gifts and prayers to get His Word into spiritually hungry hearts and hands. So thank you for helping make the following testimonies possible through your gifts and prayers!

Thanks be to God that I now have a Bible audio player. Shortly after I got it, a relative of mine came to visit us. He was not a believer, but he could not take his attention away from the audio player in our house. So I let him use it for a few days. Amazingly, he came to trust in God after he listened to the Bible. Thanks be to Jesus! Thank you to the fellow believers who made this device available to us. – Pastor Xin

When I am weak spiritually, I listen to God’s Word from my new audio player, and I can feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit. – Teacher Jiao

As you can see, God is moving in hearts through the CCB – a work that friends like you helped make possible. So thank you for letting God use you to transform the lives of Xin and Jiao… and countless others like them!

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