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Dear Friend, 

In the words of the Apostle Paul, “I thank my God every time I remember you” (Philippians 1:3, NIV). 

I love praying for ministry supporters like you. Every day, we have an all-staff prayer meeting that includes our team members around the world. We pray for our supporters as a group, and we pray individually for requests that you post on our Prayer Wall ( or send to us. 

It’s a real privilege to be your prayer partners and ask for God’s blessing on your life. If you’ve sent us a request, I hope you’ll take a moment to let us know what God has done since then—send us an email at [email protected]! 

Biblica has always been a ministry fueled by prayer. Our all-staff prayer meetings are an essential part of listening to God’s direction in every aspect of our work, because nothing matters more than staying aligned with His will. And if you’re on our email list, you’ve probably seen our monthly prayer requests focused on different regions of the world or ministry programs. These too are an essential part of every day’s work. 

Today, I want to ask for your prayers for one of the biggest events of Biblica’s year. Next month we’ll launch Summer Surge, a three-month drive to support critical programs and help hundreds of thousands of people engage with God’s Word. 

Please pray that God will guide all our decisions during this critical time and that He’ll move His people everywhere to respond generously. Thank God with us for the kindness of everyone who does give. And please pray that He will prepare the hearts of everyone reached by those Summer Surge funds to be ready to receive Jesus Christ and grow in His love. Thank you for participating in the ministry of prayer! 

Geof Morin 

President/CEO, Biblica 

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