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Last February, thanks to decades of help from caring Biblica supporters like you, the new Luo Bible was launched in Kenya. 

There are more than 5.4 million Luo language speakers in Kenya. That makes it the second-largest language group in that nation, and it’s growing rapidly. The last Luo Bible translation was released 45 years ago, in 1976. By comparison, more than a dozen major English translations have been released since then, and countless variants. 

Today’s young Kenyans struggle to understand the older translation. When you consider that 60% of Kenya’s population is below the age of 25, it’s easy to see the significant need for a contemporary-language translation to secure the future of the Church. The newly released translation is modeled on the NIV, and our ministry partners on the ground in Kenya believe it will be eagerly adopted. 

We’re also exploring an audio version for older Luo speakers who may not be able to read the print edition, as well as more Scripture resources based on the new translation. 

Pray with us that through the new translation, Luo-speaking Kenyans of all ages will find it easier to study Scripture for themselves and to engage deeply with the meaning of God’s Word. Pray that it will strengthen individual believers, which in turn will strengthen churches in Kenya. We know that through your prayers and gifts, God will use this translation in a mighty way! 

Right now, it’s common for new translations to take decades—the new Luo Bible was 24 years in the making. But thanks to your support, Biblica is building resources such as our Digital Training Library and machine learning that have the potential to cut translation times dramatically—without sacrificing accuracy. Together, we’re accelerating progress toward the day when everyone has access to God’s Word! 


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