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The village of Gogo lies in the Ulundi Region of Zululand District, South Africa. It’s a three-hour drive from the nearest large town, up a narrow, steep, twisting gravel road. But your support—and God’s love—still reaches there! 

The local church and community traditional leaders in the Ulundi Region were concerned about the high rate of teen pregnancy, alcohol use, and unemployment. When they heard about Biblica’s Reach4Life movement, they knew that this could be the answer their young people needed. They invited us to bring the program to 80 schools in 17 villages under the Tribal Council’s jurisdiction.   

A few months ago, your generosity sent 2,000 Reach4Life Bibles to Gogo to begin the work. 

Ulundi community leader Baba Shandu says, “We welcome the Reach4Life program, and we believe it will change the lives of our people. I have never seen so many Bibles in my life, and to think it took many people who made it possible for them to be brought to our village is humbling. Who are we that important people from all over the world would pray and give so that we can know Jesus?  

“We will allow the program to run in each and every village of Ulundi till all have heard the Gospel. I think you need to train more peer educators and buy more Bibles because this village is going to belong to Jesus.” 

In another part of the Ulundi Region, a young lady named Nontobeko shows the long-term impact that your support of Reach4Life can have. 

Nontobeko explains, “I have had my Reach4Life book since Grade 8 when I arrived in high school. This year I did my final year in high school as a Grade 12 student, using the same Reach4Life Bible. This Bible has carried me through all seasons of my life. There was a year when I wanted to drop out of school because of a bad situation at home, but this Bible encouraged me with lessons such as dealing with emotional pain and tough times.  

“Jesus was my strength; the Word was my comfort. I pushed through till now. I will cherish this book forever. The Reach4Life program made me, and I will never forget my peer educators and my fellow Reach4Life club members; we were like a family. I am off to university next year through a learnership that my peer educator helped me to apply for. I will lift the flag of purity and salvation every chance I get. Thank you for coming to my village and changing my life.” 

Your support is reaching the rising generations in many parts of the world through Reach4Life, encouraging them to find their identity in Jesus Christ and follow His plan for their lives. Thank you for this gift of hope that is changing lives today, and will change families and communities for decades to come! 

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