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Thank you for sharing Jesus with vulnerable people worldwide!

Right now, countless lives are being transformed around the globe, as you help place God’s Word into the hands of people who desperately need to know Jesus.

And together, we’re reaching some of the most vulnerable people in the world – from the impoverished and persecuted; to those who’ve had to flee their homes; to those who are isolated by discrimination or disability.

Thank you for bringing hope where it’s needed most – making all things possible by the power of God’s Word!

“This book is changing and transforming the lives of so many people.”  – Bheki, South Africa (former drug addict, now a Gospel worker)

“Through God’s Word, I have learned to value myself. I can trust God, and I’ve learned to forgive others.”  – Suchada, Thailand

“Since I received this New Testament, I’m reading it daily and learning about the wonders that Jesus has done for me. I have even been able to share God’s Word with my friends from school.”  – 12-year-old Pedro, Ecuador


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