How Caroline’s brokenness turned to joy – thanks to you!

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Caroline’s smile is broad and her eyes are sparkling. So you’d never guess the trauma and pain she’s endured.

Her story begins as a small girl with big dreams – of getting married, having children, and building a better future.

But at the age of 15, Caroline’s dreams came crashing down when she fell desperately ill.

Living in South Africa, an epicenter for HIV/AIDS, her diagnosis came as no surprise. But it plunged her into the depths of despair.

“I wanted to get married, to have a family. But who would love me with this virus thing? No one would love me at all. That broke my heart,” she recalls.

Caroline cried out to God. “If You want me to die, please can it be soon? I cannot endure this pain anymore,” she prayed. “But if You have a purpose for my life, then let me live.”

Soon after, Caroline’s prayer was clearly answered. She was given a Bible, thanks to Biblica supporters like you!

“That was the best thing ever in my life,” says Caroline, her smile lighting up her face.

Thanks to friends like you, Caroline found comfort, strength, and hope in the pages of Scripture. Her life was transformed as she was “lifted out of the slimy pit” and given a “new song” to sing (Psalm 40:2-3 NIV).

Today, Caroline spends her days sharing the blessings of God’s Word with vulnerable children in her district who are crying out for hope, just as she once was.

“Some of these kids don’t know what it feels like to be loved,” she says. “But the Bible says God loves them more than anyone! That is a very powerful thing!”

Caroline’s moving testimony shows that with God, all things are possible. And through His mighty Word, broken lives can be transformed for eternity.

Through your prayers and support, Bibles are being placed into the hands of vulnerable and hurting people like Caroline around the world. Thank you!

View Caroline’s full story here.


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