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You’re making this new project possible… empowering kids in the Philippines to Reach4Life!

Over recent years, God has worked powerfully in many African nations through Reach4Life, Biblica’s youth discipleship program. Now, thanks to your vision and partnership, Reach4Life is on the move… and breaking new ground on a different continent!

Through your support, 45 key local leaders from the Nazarene Church in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, recently completed their Reach4Life training; and they are now gearing up to roll out the program. Their vision is ambitious – believing it’s possible to reach 10,000 young people through the Reach4Life program in the coming months.

Please stand with these bold leaders, praying that their awaited shipment of resources will be cleared swiftly through Philippines’ customs – so thousands of young people will soon be able to Reach4Life!

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