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Why would a family walk for hundreds of miles across rugged terrain, in all kinds of weather, facing extortion, persecution, hunger, and danger all along the way? For hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans today, the answer is: because they are walking away from something worse. 

You’ve seen the news. Venezuela is a country in crisis. The World Food Program reports that one in three Venezuelans is food insecure—a term that means “may not be able to feed their kids tomorrow.” But it isn’t just hunger. Kidnappings, torture, and executions keep millions in a state of fear. They can’t call the police because all too often the police are the ones hurting them. 

So 14-year-old Miguel set off with his father and younger brother to search for a new life. From Venezuela they walked all the way across Colombia to Ecuador. And in Ecuador, thanks to you, Miguel discovered a new source of hope: God’s love. 

For 15 years, Biblica has partnered with Samaritan’s Purse, one of America’s foremost Christian outreaches to refugees, the sick, and others in dire need. You’re probably familiar with their Operation Christmas Child—maybe you’ve even packed some of their shoeboxes yourself with toys, clothing, school supplies, daily necessities, and other goodies. 

But did you know that with your help, many of those boxes also come with an age-appropriate Scripture resource from Biblica? In fact, in 2021 nearly 2 million kids received a Biblica resource! 

Miguel, his father, and his brother all received a copy of Reach4Life in Spanish. An easy-to-read NVI translation of the New Testament is paired with in-depth, practical Christian teaching about finding identity in Christ, godly sexuality, resisting peer pressure, and other topics important to young people. Miguel and other boys like him also attended a class organized by a local church to help them read and understand the Bible. 

After attending the class, Miguel said gladly, “God loves me. The Bible says that I am important and special to God, that He created me perfect, and that nothing is out of His plans.” 

Leaving Venezuela with little more than the clothes on their backs, Miguel’s family could never have afforded even one Bible, much less one for each of them to study! Your gift of Bibles means they can each find answers to their deepest questions and grow in their faith daily. 

Miguel’s family will face many challenges ahead. But thanks to the partnership between Biblica, Samaritan’s Purse, and you, they’ll face the future knowing that God holds them in His hands and has a plan for them. 

Samaritan’s Purse is just one of many ministries we’re able to partner with because of your continued support. In refugee camps, prisons, and slums, your compassion is there offering new life and hope. Countless people every year are receiving the spiritual food of Biblica Scripture resources alongside nourishing food and other humanitarian aid. Thank you for helping to take God’s Word into some of the world’s most difficult places! 

In refugee camps, prisons, and slums, your compassion is there offering new life and hope. 


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