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A Word From Geof

This Easter, I want to give Doubting Thomas his due. You remember his famous statement that he wouldn’t believe Jesus had risen until he could put his hands in the wounds. Thomas gets a bad rap for that.

Yet consider—he had every reason in the world to doubt! And then consider the fact that, in spite of it all, he was there. His own reasoning told him all hope was dead. But his heart must have told him there was more to the story because he was there with the disciples in the Upper Room.

I call that Upper Room Expectancy, and I think we can all relate to it after the year we’ve had. So many times, we were tempted to despair. But we know that there is more to the story, and now Easter arrives to remind us that nothing is too hard for God.

Upper Room Expectancy is also the reason why we’re distributing Bibles and Scripture resources just as fast as we can, in any way we can, and why we’re constantly seeking ways to accelerate translation without sacrificing accuracy.

Think of the young people around the world who have never heard the Gospel. Many of them live in poverty or under the threat of war and violence. Everything in their daily life may be telling them that hope is dead. But they go on living with Upper Room Expectancy. “There must be more than this,” their hearts say. And when you support Biblica, you help them find that “more.”

Thank you for helping to answer that Upper Room Expectancy with God’s Word so that millions of people can hold it in their hands, whether it’s in a printed book or on a digital device. May God fill your life with reminders of His power and love this Easter!

Geof Morin, President/CEO | Biblica

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