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This Bible Study Changed My Life


God has been doing amazing things in the Muslim world, calling people of all backgrounds and nations to seek Him. Yet even those who can get a Bible often struggle to understand it on their own. Thanks to you, God is working through Biblica to bring clarity to more people every day.

Mark from Egypt contacted Biblica staff on Facebook, which the team in Egypt uses for outreach and evangelism. He was obviously interested in Jesus, but he needed encouragement and help to engage with God’s Word. “I can’t understand many things, and no one is here to help me,” he explained.

Our team began an online Bible study with Mark and sent him a Bible of his own. “This Bible study changed my life,” Mark enthused. “It is shaping me in the way I love others and serve them. God opened my eyes to understand Him as my Father. I feel He is very close to me and He loves me with an unconditional love. I can run to Him even when I am so weak, and He will keep loving me. Every time I feel change in myself, everyone can see this.”


Raafat works for Campus Crusade Egypt and loves to share God’s Word with his Muslim neighbors. He piques their interest with Bible stories they can relate to and encourages them to read the Bible with him.

Recently, Raafat discovered Biblica’s Serendipity Bible in Arabic. As Christianity grows rapidly, there are far more people who need to be in a Bible study group than are equipped to lead one. The Serendipity Bible is specifically designed with tools and information so that leaders do not need to know more about the Word than the rest of their group.

“Each text has its own applications and questions,” Raafat says, “and the group studies the books in a very advanced and creative way. The reader can find the meaning of different words in the book. They interact with the Word, and it is very easy to study. In this way, we are achieving great progress in the relationship between each member of the group and God.”


In Nigeria, your support is helping more people understand God’s Word through the new Hausa translation, released in 2020. Most of the world’s 60 million Hausa speakers are Muslims and live in Nigeria. Even before the pandemic, Nigeria was a nation in turmoil as Muslim extremist group Boko Haram continued its reign of terror.

More than 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes by Boko Haram, other violence, and natural disasters. Many are crowded into camps for Internally Displaced People (IDP) with few resources and little hope.

Alongside our partner ministries, Biblica has been working in the camps to provide spiritual aid. The Hausa Bible is a crucial new tool to engage these suffering people with the hope of the Gospel. We have been able to safely distribute more than 1,700 copies in IDP camps so far despite the pandemic. After 24 years in translation, the ministry of the Hausa Bible is just beginning.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts that are helping God’s Word become clear to people in Muslim nations!

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