Your Support Made Hope Possible for Huang

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Huang lives in China, where the printing of Bibles is restricted. The Chinese Christian Council is the only authorized Bible publisher.

Thanks to your support and God’s grace, Biblica is working with the Chinese Christian Council to publish the Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB). This modern translation is easier to read and understand – which made all the difference for Huang.

Huang held a grudge against God for many years. She grew up extremely poor, and her worst nightmare happened when she was just 7 years old. “I was raped. I asked God why He didn’t protect me. I hated the rapist. I hated men. I hated all people – including myself and God,” she explains.

Huang started attending church again after college, but she felt no joy. She says her heart was full of hatred, and she even thought about suicide. Then her pastor suggested that she start reading the Chinese Contemporary Bible. And for the first time, Huang felt God’s love.

“I began to trust that my heavenly Father has a good plan for me. I forgave the rapist and forgave myself. It was a long process.”

Huang continues, “One day as I read the Bible, I was suddenly filled with an unspeakable joy and experienced complete release. I have been preparing myself for Bible school training. I want to serve the Lord. Praise the Lord! The power of His Word renewed me and brought me hope!”

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Biblica’s ministry through the Chinese Contemporary Bible, which is making hope possible in the lives of more people like Huang. We’re grateful!

Biblica Staff

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