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You’re Reaching India Through Youth Sports!

Few things bring Indians together quite like sports. That’s why Biblica’s outreach program in partnership with the Sports Coalition of India is so powerful.

Game of Life targets hard-to-reach groups of young people, including Muslims, persecuted Christians, and those involved in drugs, by showing them the love of Jesus through Scripture written in their native language. The overall strategy is two-fold: following Game of Life’s sports-related outreach activities, Biblica steps into disciple these young people about God’s plan for sex, relationships, and their future.

And it’s working. Lives in India are being changed, and youth are coming to know Jesus – like Aungrah, who shared…

“This book [Game of Life] had a very strong impact on me… life without God is like football without goalposts – this spoke to me.”

Mr. Tamiz, one of the Sports Coalition of India leaders that Biblica partners with, recently commented…

“Our football tournament was a success! Over 100 youth participated in the tournament. We shared the love and birth of Christ to all the players in the tournament. We were finally able to distribute the Game of Life to Everyone at the event. Thank you Biblica.”

Your support of Biblica helps make the Sports Coalition of India possible, which is working to…

• Distribute 20,000 copies of Game of Life

• Use a network of 80 ministries that are spread across India to disciple young people

• Release 80,000 additional copies of the Game of Life in the next six months



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