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Q&A with East Asia Pacific Director

Biblica’s area executive director for East Asia Pacific shares how your support is reaching China’s young people with Biblica’s Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) at this critical time.

Why is there a need for Bibles in China?

Director for East Asia Pacific: The most accessible Bible in China right now is the Chinese Union Version (CUV), but it’s not the most readable. That translation is about 100 years old, so the language is outdated, therefore difficult to read. The Chinese people, especially young people, need a translation that is easy to read.

For most people, the Chinese Contemporary Bible is a translation they can understand – and therefore, they are able to be impacted by God’s Word.

Why is it such an important time for ministry in China?

There’s a lot of urban migration in China – and much of it by young people, who are the most sensitive to the Gospel right now. In the cities, the focus tends to be on career goals and material gains. You get a job. You get an apartment. You might get a car. But there’s still a spiritual vacuum that cannot be fulfilled by material gains or achievements. So the next question they ask is, “What do I do to develop my spiritual life?” That’s why many of these urban young people are now turning to the churches. And that’s why cities are really a fertile ground for us to sow God’s Word.

It’s as we read in Luke 8:11, “The seed is the word of God” (NIV). It begins with a seed. When dropped into the ground, it germinates and grows. That’s so important for us to remember as a ministry, as we continue seeking the hearts of people in China and around the world.

Can you give an example of a life changed by God’s Word?

We constantly receive stories of how people’s lives are being changed. One is from a taxi driver who moved to the city from a small coastal town. He was from a Christian family, but he kind of lost his way. Like many taxi drivers, he would cheat his customers by driving around in circles to make more money.

Then he heard about a church that was specifically reaching taxi drivers. He attended one Sunday, and the message was about living an abundant life. The pastor gave him a copy of the Chinese Contemporary Bible. He was surprised that he could understand it, because he’d had only minimal schooling.

The Word of the Lord began to impact his life – especially the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19. He related his dishonesty as a taxi driver to Zacchaeus’s dishonesty as a tax collector, and he made up his mind never to cheat again. He now lives a God-honoring life and even volunteers at the church.


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