You’re making it possible for children worldwide to embrace God’s Word!

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The secular world doesn’t wait to chase after the hearts of our children and influence their choices, so neither should we as God’s people.

At Biblica, we recognize the importance of investing in young people – those in your family, your church, your community, and all around the world – so they can be filled with biblical truth and wisdom. And together, we can provide resources to help more children and youth access God’s truth and experience the power of the Gospel.

One great example is the Bible Adventures series, designed to help 7- to 11-year-olds engage with Scripture and build strong foundations for their faith. It’s a program developed with the global needs and challenges of children in mind – especially those living in poverty.

Bible Adventures gives children a biblical perspective on themes of family, transformation, and God being with us in all our circumstances. Thanks to your support, it’s being distributed to millions of children in need through partnering agencies like World Vision, Compassion International, and Feed The Hungry.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers, as together we seek to invest in the next generation with Bible Adventures. Transforming these young lives with God’s truth is so powerful and important, and you’re helping make it possible!


Biblica Staff

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