You’re opening God’s Word for young people like Li

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Tragically, millions of young people in our world don’t know the truth about Jesus and have little or no access to His Word.

In China alone, 230 million children are growing up in a society where Christianity is the minority and can be regulated and at times restricted. “Li” explains how these challenges in China and abroad kept him in the dark until friends like you gave him a Bible he could read for himself – and his heart began opening to the truth. He shares…

“I am a Chinese student studying in Thailand. I was born and raised in a non-Christian family. My parents and grandparents are atheists.

“I used to hold a lot of contempt toward religion. After all, the schools and mainstream media in China all promote science and downplay metaphysical things. I never bothered to go to church, even though there is a church near my home.

“After I came to Thailand to study, my Christian classmates kept inviting me to attend the Mandarin fellowship at an evangelical church. At first I kept declining their invitations. But eventually I went with them.

“The leader gave each one of us a Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB). I had never read the Bible before. I thought religious books were all very deep and hard to understand, like some of the Buddhism books. But to my surprise, the CCB is very easy to understand and the stories are quite fascinating.

“I finished reading Genesis and Exodus the first week I got it. Then I turned to the Gospels. I have to say, the Bible really is a unique book. It somehow carries a sense of authority that no other book carries. The words are often heart-disturbing and soul-challenging.

“It prompted me to think about the ultimate meaning and destiny of life.

“I still have not converted to the Christian faith, but my heart is open now. I realize how arrogant and narrow-minded I used to be. I’m really impressed by these Christians who are very gentle and humble.”

Please pray that Li will continue reading God’s Word and surrender his life to Jesus. And thank you for helping more young people like him open God’s life-changingWord!

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