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Muslims are being transformed by God’s love as they read the Bibles you help provide

Your support helps distribute Arabic Bibles in the Muslim world. During an evangelism conference held recently in Lebanon, participants, most of them refugees, were invited to share what the Bible means to them. Here are just a few responses…

Mohammed from Yemen
“For me, happiness was not found before. But thanks to God and His Word, His love came to our home. As a Muslim, I thought there were distortions [in the Bible]. But after I started reading the Bible, I realized it is truth. We moved from an old life to a new one.”

Hasan from Syria
“I am from a Muslim background. For me, God was a terror and made me scared. But when I came to Lebanon, the Lord saved me and I started to read the Bible. The first thing I discovered was the love of God. This is good news. Thank you so much!”

Layan from Syria
“I am from a Muslim background and was very committed. I was so close to the terrorists because I thought the best way to love God was through Jihad. I was going to join them. I would have become a terrorist. Only because of the love of God I moved here. My pastor gave me a Bible. This book changed a lot in my life. I got extraordinary peace. I started remembering people I hated who had hurt me and, and I began praying for them. Thanks be to God because He has changed many things in my life because of His Word.”

Many of these people are refugees, and life is difficult for them. But God’s Word gives them incredible joy and strength, and they’re deeply grateful to you for helping to bring Bibles to them and for shining God’s light into the Muslim world. Thank you!

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