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Imagine what your church would be like if no one—not even the pastor—had a Bible or access to one. Wouldn’t it be hard to know how to follow Jesus or to raise your children in the truth? 

Around the world, in developing nations and areas of persecution, many newly planted churches fail because they don’t have God’s Word to ground them in their faith. Despite the best efforts of pastors—95% of whom have little or no training—and the enthusiasm of new believers, these churches can’t survive the attacks of the world. 

Your support is sending Bibles to new churches through many of our partner ministries, and we’re also working with those partners to provide training to pastors. 

Selena in Mozambique could tell you how important the gift of a Bible is. “Before I came to know Jesus, I had a difficult life,” she explains. “I was tormented by demons. I used to go to witch doctors trying to find a solution to my problems, but nothing worked. 

“My nephew invited me to this church. After I made the decision to follow Jesus, God gave me the Holy Spirit and I began to be healed in my body. I first received a copy of God’s Word from the church. It makes me so happy and calms me. The Word of God teaches me to forgive and also to love my enemies. I used to hold grudges, but now I have given that up. There is nothing more precious than God’s Word.” 

Thank you for giving the precious gift of God’s Word so that new churches can survive and thrive! 

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