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A bag of candy should be enough to draw a big smile from any child. But when our partners at MENA Trauma Healing Resource Center visited the Yazidi refugee camp in Iraq, their gifts were met with politeness or blank stares from even the smallest boys and girls. 

As you may remember, the Yazidis have been the victims of genocide at the hands of Islamic State extremists, who killed young and old alike. The gates and fences of refugee camps keep them safe today, but they also leave children who’ve grown up in the camps feeling trapped and afraid of the outside world. For these traumatized children, the gift of a bag of candy is an expression of caring they don’t know how to respond to. 

With so many refugees in our world today, and the fact that some 1 out of 3 women will experience violence in their lifetimes, long-term trauma-healing resources are urgently needed. More than that, traumatized people need to find true healing and new self-worth in the infinite love of God. That’s why, thanks to our caring Biblica supporters, we’re working with experienced trauma-healing partners to create Gospel-centered resources and train counselors to use them. 

Please join us in praying that through these resources, we can bring joy back into the lives of these children and many other people suffering from unimaginable trauma.

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