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God gave Kareem* a heart to reach Muslims in North Africa, one of the most difficult places to reach with the Gospel because of violence and persecution. 

An Arab Christian living in Spain, speaking both Spanish and Arabic, Kareem had daily conversations with Muslims about the Bible. Sadly, most of the conversations were unfruitful. The Muslims questioned the truthfulness of the Bible and often misunderstood the passages they read. 

But there was one passage that always touched them. When Kareem shared Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, he found that Muslims understood it as if it had been written just for them. 

Kareem wanted to publish the Sermon on the Mount in Spanish and Arabic in one booklet, and he contacted Biblica to ask if he could use our translations. We were glad to say yes! The booklet, A New Hope, is now in wide demand. Kareem reports that women in hijabs read it to their husbands, observant Muslim fathers read it to their children, and tourists often take a copy home with them. 

Ali* picked up A New Hope out of curiosity, but when he read Jesus’s command to love our enemies, he couldn’t get the words out of his mind. No human would give such advice. Jesus must be God, he reasoned. Ali used the information in the booklet to reach out to Kareem, asking how to become a follower of Jesus. 

Centuries of misunderstandings about the Bible have put barriers in the way of evangelizing Muslims, and most nations in North Africa rate from “very high” to “extreme” on the Open Doors watch list for persecution of Christians. But Kareem and A New Hope are quietly introducing people to Jesus. 

With the help of supporters like you, Biblica is able to make our translations available free of charge to ministry workers. That way, we can multiply the impact of every translation, unleashing the power of God’s Word as we enable people like Kareem to follow the evangelistic call God has placed on their hearts. Thank you!

*Name changed for security reasons. 

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