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You know that as a Biblica supporter, your generosity is carrying God’s Word to remote villages and places where Christianity is forbidden. But across Europe today, refugees from some of the world’s most closed countries are a new and very accessible mission field.  

Out of the great evil and suffering that have forced these refugees from their homes, God is bringing hope by opening the door to evangelism, and your support is reaching this mission field too.  

Our partner Revival Ministry Denmark has been ministering to refugees in many parts of Europe since 2014. Until they discovered Biblica, they struggled to get God’s Word in the languages of the people they serve, making true discipleship nearly impossible. But thanks to caring supporters like you, our most recent delivery to Revival Ministries included 2,800 Arabic Bibles and 5,800 Farsi Bibles. 

Through Revival Ministries, God is calling refugees in many countries to Himself. “When the Bible study and discipleship leaders received the whole Bible, it was like children who received a great gift,” says founder Jan Joensen 

“The joy and happiness can’t be described by words. Already there are hundreds of refugees in Bible study groups made possible because Biblica had mercy for the refugee church. Because of how God is using our partnership with Biblica, we can see growth in the number of refugees coming to God.” 

Pray with us that someday, it will be safe for many refugees to return home—and that they’ll take the Gospel with them.

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