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Hope for Sudan

The Republic of Sudan has known only war for its entire modern history.

Sudan is Africa’s largest country; however, as part of a 2005 peace deal, voters in southern Sudan will decide whether to secede from the North and separate into two countries. What does this mean for Sudan–more violence, a return to civil war? Conflict between the Arab, Islamic North and the Sub Saharan African, Christian South continues because of the crude oil production and potential in hydroelectric and mineral exploitation.

Sudan is regarded as one of the world’s least stable nations. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashirhas ordered military strikes on southern Sudan in an effort to block independence, and is currently under indictment for crimes against humanity in Darfur. The atrocities of Darfur—genocide, rapes, mutilations, and destruction of villages are just a small part of Sudan’s history.

Tragically, Sudan has experienced over 2 million deaths through war, genocide and famine since 1983, and as many as 7 million people have been displaced. And now, the vote for independence brings uncertainty —war, even genocide. Will Sudan ever break free from their violent past?

So where is the hope?

Christianity has grown, especially among central and southern peoples. Christian numbers, 1.6 million in 1980, now exceed 11 million. Southern peoples may be as much as 80% Christian—remarkable growth amid terrible violence and persecution. The peace agreement has allowed the war-torn south to rebuild some semblance of infrastructure and stability. The prolonged conflict caused Christians to scatter throughout the country and beyond, resulting in churches planted among previously unreached peoples.

Now is the time to support the church by providing biblical resources, training new believers with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, so they may share the Gospel with others in this volatile part of the world.

War doesn’t need to be Sudan’s legacy. Let’s give them access to the gospel.

Biblica and our partners have shared 1 million Gospels of Luke in Sudan. These scriptures include notes with cultural and historical references to help remove barriers to Muslims’ understanding and acceptance of God’s Word.

Biblica works with children in Sudan, reaching them at a point when they are most open to the gospel. Nearly 50% of the population is under age 18; almost all have grown up in a context of suffering and trauma. Some of Biblica’s programs in Sudan include:

  • Children 4 Christ—A multi-day church-based program and resources for children in areas hostile to the gospel.
  • Children for Christ Discipleship—A three month discipleship program, a follow-up to Children 4 Christ
  • Bible Adventures—A four-year educational curriculum to help children worldwide know Jesus Christ.

As January 9 draws near, pray for peace.

Pray for a peaceful referendum, and for courage and unity among believers. Ask God to give wisdom to the leaders who rule this war-torn nation so they may lead their people into a “New Sudan.” May Sudan be a country transformed because of the gospel’s hope; may Scriptures be available to anyone who wants them.

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