You can help bring God’s Word to millions like Yazmin

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Yazmin’s story shows how you’re helping to rescue millions of people from spiritual darkness—in Asia and beyond—as we work together to bring them God’s Word in a language they can understand.

Thanks to friends like you, many lost souls like Yazmin* are hearing God speak to them like never before, as they read the Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB)—a modern translation that’s having a mighty impact.

As Yazmin explains, “I was born into a family who followed many different faiths. Some [members] of my family were Communists; others were Buddhists. I was raised by several people in my family—at times living with my grandparents, or my aunt and uncle who worshiped idols, or my parents who were Christians.

“As a result, I was very confused by religion as I was growing up—not sure which one was the ‘right one.’ Coming into my teenage years, I became very depressed. I was even considering suicide. I began to hate the smell of the incense my uncles burned for their idols.”

Yazmin’s life changed when someone gave her a copy of our new Contemporary Chinese Bible (CCB). She says:

“That’s when I realized Christianity was the only religion that could give me a sense of peace. When I felt depressed, I’d read the Psalms out loud, and this would help me and give me peace. I found the more I read, the more my attitude changed. I stopped having nightmares. Now I’m serving as a pastor in a local church!”

Many people like Yazmin are being impacted by the CCB. So Biblica has teamed up with author Philip Yancey to create a new version of it—the Chinese Student Bible. It will feature study notes by Yancey to help readers engage deeply with key passages in God’sWord, plus a reading plan to help guide people through the entire Bible.

With your help this summer, we’re aiming to reach 34 million people with printed and digital copies of God’s life-giving Word through our ministry priorities of:

  • Vital translations to reach those who don’t yet have The Bible in a language they can understand.
  • Critical projects to give Bible access to those who might not have it – like prisoners who need Jesus and our all-important military before they deploy to the dangers of war.
  • Special Bible engagement projects to equip disciples and seekers to understand God’s Word for themselves, releasing its transformative power into their lives.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers this summer to help take God’s Word to 34 million more people like Yazmin all around the world!

*All names in this newsletter have been changed for security reasons.