How Your Gifts Can Have a Powerful Impact

God’s Word is spreading rapidly – and the support of friends like you is making it possible! From Africa to the Americas, Biblica is reaching millions of people around the world through:

• Distribution of Bibles and New Testaments

• Digital access to the NIV translation through the world’s #1 Bible app, YouVersion, and Biblica’s website

• Translations of the Bible into local languages around the globe

• Discipleship materials for children and youth

• Biblical leadership resources for pastors

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa

The Reach4Life program is encouraging sexual purity among young people and helping fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Fostering Community in Asia

New translations are building a greater sense of Christian community, and programs are encouraging and training church leaders.

Reviving Faith in Europe

Contemporary translations are helping to foster a revival within the Church in Europe, as spiritually desperate people reconnect with God’s Word after living for decades in darkness.

Equipping Leaders in Latin America

In this region of rapid change, local leaders are being equipped with training, and hard-to-reach countries like Cuba are receiving Bibles for the first time.

Distributing Bibles in the Middle East/North Africa

One of the greatest needs here is for Bibles, and God’s Word is being made available in languages that people can understand.

Encouraging Bible Reading in North America

Programs are fostering a greater understanding of God’s Word, encouraging more Bible reading and helping people grow in their faith.

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