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Imagine… opening God’s Word to the unreached children of West Africa!

You probably know the continent of Africa is a vast harvest field for the Gospel. But what you may not realize is that almost half of that harvest field is under the age of 15!

And while the Church is growing in many African nations, millions remain unreached for Christ – not least the children.

That’s why your prayerful partnership is essential to help meet the vast need for contemporary translations of the Bible and critical discipleship resources tailored for Africa’s children and young people.

The last few years have seen significant progress as you’ve helped provide Biblica’s special Treasure Hunt Bible and the Bible Adventures series to the English-speaking nations of East Africa.

“The Treasure Hunt Bible is the best gift I have received,” says little John. “God bless you for this amazing gift!”

Thanks to friends like you, 250,000 East African children like John have been reached to date!

But in the French regions of West Africa, it’s a different story. Despite several open doors into these countries – many of which are Islamic – right now there’s a total lack of Bibles and resources for children who speak a West African version of French.

That’s why your investment is so vital to speed along the special 60-day Imagine translation initiative that’s under way right now. Because one of the projects you’ll help make a reality through Imagine is the translation of the Treasure Hunt Bible into the local French dialect for distribution across West Africa.

So please pray for a vast outpouring of support for Imagine by the end of February – to make sure this vision is realized, and to open the Word of God to the unreached children of West Africa. Thank you for your support!

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