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God is using you to seek and save the lost!

Susan Muthoni’s smile lights up the room as she testifies to God’s work in her life. It’s a story of grace, of reconciliation – and of the power of God’s Word.

Today, there’s no doubt Susan is walking in the light of Christ… but her journey of faith began in days of deep darkness.

“When I was in high school, I was at the height of a crisis in my life,” she recalls. “I was at loggerheads with everyone in my family. My relationship with my mother was near its lowest.”

Life was so tough for Susan that she felt she couldn’t go on. She says, “My crisis included several suicide attempts.”

It was at this time that – thanks to friends like you – Susan received a Reach4Life Bible, a special Biblica translation designed to engage young people by unlocking the truths of God’s Word in a relevant and accessible way.

“Through my rebellious season, I kept my Bible and read it from time to time. It helped me. The Reach4Life translation addresses teenage issues in a way that’s easy to read and understand. Even when I was not living a good life, I read it… and its teachings eventually seeped into my head!”

As well as reading her Bible, Susan was also invited to join a Reach4Life discipleship program at her school.

“During the Reach4Life training, I remember one of the trainers saying there was more to life than the things I had been living for. He said it was possible to find purpose in life. I am happy to say that after that encounter, I gave my life to Christ!”

Today, Susan is pursuing pastoral training at her church in Nairobi – and her heart’s desire is to pass on the blessings she’s received to others. “Here I am again in Reach4Life training,” she says with a grin, because she sees how God has brought her full circle. “I want to be a counselor and use Reach4Life in my pastoral work.”

So thank you for your prayers and generosity. As Susan’s story powerfully shows, God is using the Bibles you provide in miraculous ways, as He works to seek and save the lost!

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