Community Bible Experience

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Last fall, members of Immanuel Community Church (Fort Collins, CO) took a deep dive into the New Testament—together. Immanuel is one of 15 churches to participate in an early launch ofCommunity Bible Experience.

“We needed something to rally around,” says Pastor Brad Gilliland. “And what better focus than the Word of God?”

Participants of all ages spent eight weeks reading the entire New Testament (about 10 pages a day) using The Books of The Bible.

But they didn’t just read on their own. During a Community Bible Experience, individuals met in small groups— more like book clubs than traditional studies—to discuss each week’s reading.

Community Bible Experience was born out of a simple reality: people are hungry to hear God speak. According to one study, the desire to understand Scripture is one of the main reasons people go to church. Yet churchgoers want more help understanding God’s Word.

“We’re convinced people are looking for a more meaningful experience with the Bible,” says Paul Caminiti, Biblica’s Vice President of Bible Engagement. “It’s not enough to read fragments of Scripture in isolation. We need a panoramic view of the complete Bible, understood in context, and experienced in community.”

“This isn’t a new idea,” he adds. “We believe this is how we were always meant to experience God’s Word.”

Transforming lives Community Bible Experience has generated powerful stories of transformation at Immanuel. One new believer in her mid-20s read the New Testament for the first time as part of the program. “For her to be able to get a big picture of what the New Testament is about was absolutely huge,” says Pastor Gilliland. “Now she’s ready to read the Old Testament!”

Immanuel member Janette Heyliger agrees. “Reading such a large amount of Scripture at one time has led me to hear more of what God is really saying,” she explains.

Biblica officially launches Community Bible Experience this fall. For more information, or to become a part of this exciting journey, visit


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