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‘Cuba For Christ!’ A First-Hand Account of God on the Move in Cuba

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Standing on a narrow street in Cuba’s second largest city, my cameraman, our translator and I are shielded from the wicked, late morning sun by a row of colorful, weather-beaten buildings that look like something straight out of the 1950s. Even though this is December, it’s close to 90 degrees and the humidity has to be approaching 100 percent. My shirt is soaked through with perspiration and I can feel the sweat running down my neck and back. But the pastor I’m talking with doesn’t seem to mind or even notice the heat. He has come to Santiago from a small, rural church about three hours away and is excitedly telling me about his nation, his people, and their hunger for God’s Word.

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Audio Bible Technology is Accelerating Access to Bibles in Africa

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When Biblica Africa began recording the Kiswahili Audio Bible, the potential reach could not be determined. We trusted God’s leading that this was a great opportunity to reach those who cannot read the Bible either because they are illiterate or blind, or as an alternative for those who would rather listen to the Bible than read it. Biblica decided to adopt a multi-pronged approach using various channels. We wanted to spread the reach wide, therefore we opted to include some platforms that would provide the end user free access to the Kiswahili Audio Bible.

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Biblica, Zondervan Partner to Provide Over 16,000 Bibles to Attendees of Urbana 15

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Biblica recently joined alongside Christian publishing house Zondervan to provide custom NIV Bibles for all 16,000 people in attendance at InterVarsity’s five-day Urbana conference. Urbana, which is held every three years, dates back to 1946 and is the largest student missions conference in the world. It has challenged nearly 300,000 young people for missions since its inception. It was most recently held in December of 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri. When InterVarsity came to Biblica and Zondervan requesting Bibles, both organizations jumped at the opportunity. …